Posted by: Matthew Hoffmann | November 28, 2011

Why the Climate Change Negotiations Matter

I just had an updated version of an earlier post (Why Durban Matters for Climate Governance) published in The Mark, a Canadian News, Analysis, and Opinion e-zine.  Its title is: Why the Climate Change Negotiations Matter.



  1. I’m not waiting any more for governments to figure out their only decent and moral course of action, which is to immediately create and begin enforcing socially and economically just climate treaties. I’m spending what little resources I may have to inspire artists to DO SOMETHING about climate change, by changing consciousness. I’ve started a contest that I will be paying out from my own salary, to inspire artists to generate emblems using the words, Climate Treaty Now, that can be shared and viewed by millions of people, to help create the public pressure that seems to be our only hope:

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