Posted by: Matthew Hoffmann | May 7, 2017

Should we try to convince Trump to stay in Paris Agreement on Climate Change

I recently wrote an essay for the Duck of Minerva in response to a growing chorus of articles and commentaries urging the U.S. to stay in the Paris Agreement. The gist of the argument is that I think there is a case to be made that it might be better for the global response to climate change if Trump withdraws. As I say in the essay:

We are in the realm of bad choices. Either an openly hostile U.S. stays in the Agreement or an openly hostile U.S. withdraws. Whether the U.S. stays or leaves the Paris Agreement, the Trump administration has shown no signs of being a responsible actor on climate change. This is the baseline from which we need to consider the effects of the U.S. leaving or staying and looking at the decision from six vantage points leads me to consider that an openly hostile U.S. withdrawing might be the less bad of the two terrible options on the table.

I’m uncomfortable with this (heavily caveated) conclusion, but think that this is a conversation we need to have.


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